Anam Hub Registration

We at the Brothers of Charity services Ireland and Anam Hub respect and value your privacy and security.

In order for us to bring you the best possible service we need to ensure safety for all participants involved in this site.

As part of our pilot program, Anam Hub was an “open” site, allowing people to have ease of use and it meant that anyone could access it at anytime.

Now we are securing use of the site with a username and password for the privacy and safety everyone who accesses it.

If you have any questions or need help please contact us here.

How to Register

On the “Homepage” you will now see a “Register” form for you to fill out. We have kept it as simple and straightforward as possible, here are a few tips:


Is this an application for an individual?

Is the person linked to any Service?

Please give first & last names.

Fill in email & password.

Please use a password of your choice and easy to remember!

Please tell us if you consent yes or no to appearing in Photos & Videos.


Is this application for a Centre/Service?

Please specify name.

Name & Email should be contact person for centre.

Please use a password of your choice and easy to remember!

Check consent on form where necessary.

(for a group application please ensure group consent)

If you cannot see the registration form click here

In respect to Photos & Videos on Anam Hub

Any such taking of imagery will be carried out in accordance with the Policy on
Photographing and Videotaping of Adults who use Brothers of Charity Services, Ireland
and in accordance with current data protection regulations.